Monday, September 22, 2008

Wow..It's been a while

Hey There-

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, we've been a bit busy (still no excuses i know).

Lemme give you a readers digest version if you will of our past month.

Lisa and I travelled with our men's basketball to the beautiful island country of Barbados for a three-day tour. The guys played great and we had an awesome experience on the island.

When we returned home, I was home for an abbreviated stay and then left for Bemidji with our football team. A win for the Mavericks - the first in our new league - and a long bus ride home got me nice and tired. The following week we got new furniture and we hosted our first home football game - another win.

A little bit about our new furniture... It looks great, we got it from from A&W furniture in Redwood Falls and it took a little over a month for us to get and now we finally got it. The living room furniture (couch, chair and footstool) is awesome as is our bedroom. We got a brand new bedroom set, including a bed (with storage), dresser, bureau, mirror and mattress. Like the living room furniture, it looks great except for one small problem...The bed stands a good three and a half feet off the floor and when laying on it, i can touch the ceiling....We shopped around for low profile box springs to help the problem and were told that the cheapest (and most effective thing to do) would be to just put a sheet of plywood down and put the mattress on top of that, so that's the new plan.

Had a great weekend last weekend as Lisa and I travelled to Ringsted for my mom's surprise 50th birthday party...We succeeded, she was surprised and we had a blast. Even got to drink a little Danish whiskey...terrible, but it was sort of a right of passage (we drank it with my grandpa).

Can't believe that September has already passed and October is knocking on the door...22 days till basketball starts, little over 10 weeks till Lisa's Birthday and about 12 weeks until Christmas. Wow.

That's it for now.... Hope everyone is doing well, hopefully I will start updating more frequently.

Scottie (and lisa)