Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Official

So if you asked Bryon, he could have told you he has known this all his life...If you ask Lisa, she'd probably say "There were times that he is," but now, you can officially say, I'm a dumba$$.

Here's what happened yesterday. Lisa and I got home from work around the same time and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and do some work outside. So, i grabbed my ipod and rake and started working on the front yard with the rake. Lisa went to the basement and grabbed her bags of tulips (28 to be exact) and we went our separate ways.

After an hour, I was done and went toward the driveway to see how things were going for my sweetie. I placed my ipod on my trunk and helped Lisa wrap-up her tulip planting.

Well, we were done and we decided to run to Jimmy John's to get something to eat so we could get home in time to watch the Barack Obama commercial on TV.

Let's fast-forward to 2 p.m. today. I'm working in the office and (Brian) Zins comes in and says "Hey, I found these earbuds wrapped around your antennae on your car." I respond with "Huh, if those are my earbuds, I wonder where my ipod is."

So I got up and left the office and came home to look for my ipod, which I've had for almost two months. I got home, walked around the drive way and around our property and didn't see it and figured "Ah hell, it is probably gone."

So, I go back to the office and break the news to Lisa that I couldn't find my ipod and she's not thrilled to say the least (and neither was I). I got what I needed to done at work and left around 4:10 so I could come home and do some more searching.

Well,I got home and decided to walk the route we would take to Jimmy Johns to see if it fell off my trunk in my neighborhood. About 30 feet from my front yard, I found the ipod, laying on the ground (not smashed) in front of my neighbors house. So i picked it up and turned it on and it still worked! The back of the ipod was a little chewed up from the fall, but other than that, it was working great.

So, there you have it people. I'm the dumbass who has a 200 dollar ipod and I leave it on my trunk as I try to drive away. Let this be a lesson to you all!

Getting back to the Barack Obama commercial. I thought wow, I wonder how much money this was costing him and if it would be potential overkill. Anyway, I settled in last night and watched it and was amazed. I have been an avid supporter of Mr. Obama since I first heard his speech at the 2004 democratic national convention and I thought last night's presentation was amazing.

Busy weekend of MSU athletics ahead this weekend. Tomorrow night (Halloween), Lisa and I are going to stay home and watch the Minnesota State vs. Minnesota game on FSN North and hopefully hand out candy. Saturday, MSU has a home football game that I am working, and Lisa is answering the pressbox phone. Afterwards we are going to the Xcel to watch the second game of the MSU/Minnesota Series (also on FSN North). So cheer on those Mavericks this weekend!

Hope all are well and we wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For the sake of time...

Yesterday I had stated (for the sake of time) that Jamie (Hunecke) Burdorf was someone that "I had graduated with."  

She's more than that.  She was one of my closest friends in high school and I have even been fortunate enough to have been featured in her family photo album.  We laughed together, we cried together (stupid North Iowa basketball) and we've had the best of times and the worst of times (see cried together).

Anyway, Jamie, I didn't mean to offend you when i said "we graduated together".

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


In an attempt to blog more often, here I go.

Things have been going well up here.  Last weekend was fun as Friday night, Lisa and I went on a double-date with our friends Zins and Tracy to the MSU volleyball game and then downtown for supper.

Saturday saw us getting up early for a great breakfast at the Wagon Wheel (a Mankato must) before I left for Marshall, Minn., with our football team (we won.).  The best part about the local games is we were home early and we got home around 7.  

After running home to change clothes, Lisa and I went to our friends Mandy and Justin's and got to see Aaron and Jamie and their kids.  I went to high school with both (Aaron is one of my best friends and Jamie and I graduated together, and she's Justin's sister, so there is your reason they were in 'kato) so it was good to hang out.

Lisa and I decided to go for a late supper, but ran into huge crowds so we went to Hooligans for supper around 9:30... Once we got there, there was a bunch of sweet looking people (really not so sweet) dressed in Halloween costumes so we had fun making fun of them from our booth.

Sunday was a lazy day as we got up, watched the Office and SNL before running errands and watching Weeds and Martian Child.  Last night we continued the movie "W" with our friends Chris and Candice... It was  good movie, pretty onesided (or my-sided) and entertaining at least for me.  Lisa wasn't too big of a fan.

Tonight, Biggest Loser is on, so that will consume most of our time... It's a good season, but not nearly as good as last years.

Hope all is well-


Monday, October 20, 2008

Ya, we are alive

Hey there... we're alive... I've been busy with work lately and Lisa's not big into blogging, so I promise I'll work harder to keep the updates rolling.

As mentioned, I've been pretty busy at work (who hasn't thou, right?) between travelling with football and assisting with our other events. I love it, and I'm really excited to see how Lisa's jumped on board to back the Mavericks...

Not too much new around here, last week, Lisa and I went and saw a great movie, the Infinite Playlist of Nick and Nora and really enjoyed it, it is a great date movie, that's for sure. Yesterday we went out to Minneopa to try to catch some of the color, but it was rather unsuccessful because the color was mainly on the ground. We were glad to go, nonetheless, so now we know next year, to go out there early and often, because it is truly beautiful.

We got back and racked leaves into the road for the city to come by and vacuum... That was fun.

That's about it for now, hope all are well-