Monday, May 19, 2008

What A Great Week (& End)

Last week could go down as one of the all-time best.

I took Monday and Tuesday off to relax after being gone for eight of the last nine days and to celebrate the end of my athletic season at MSU.

Monday was great... Mowed the yard, went and got our invites figured out with our printer, ran some errands, fertilized my yard, planted some green peppers, went for a walk down the Red Jacket Trail and ended the night by grilling some chicken.

Tuesday I got up, went for a walk and then ran a bunch of errands (which included getting our wedding invites) before coming home for lunch with Lisa...After that, we went and got our marriage licence and then I came home pulled bushes out of yard (six in front of the house and three in front of the garage...)

It was back to work on Wednesday, but I really wouldn't call it much work...Our baseball team qualified for the national tournament so i went into work for about six hours Wednesday thru Friday to man the phones.

Friday night, Lisa and I went out for supper at the Tav and then came home and watched the Kingdom on DVD (we're big fans of Netflix...highly recommended)...Saturday was a busy day as we got up, went to Target to get a fire pit and then Shopko...After dropping Lisa off at home, I went to watch the Mankato East baseball team play (my boss's eldest son got called up to varsity) and then came home and went for a walk/jog.

Saturday night, we had some friends over and broke in the fire pit with my buddy Nathan and Alex as well as our neighbors who are kiddy corner from us...They are around our age and have been married a year and seem pretty cool, so that's exciting. We sat around the fire, drank some margarita's and beer and come 11:30, we figured it'd be a good idea to call and get some Gary's Pizza. I've never hard Gary's sober, but with a few cocktails in you, it's the closest thing to heaven on earth.

Sunday we went to church at 9:30 (so mad we got up that early) then ran to Wally World to get a few groceries, came home and cut coupons before going for a nice walk down to Sibley Park (a hidden gem in Mankato) before coming home and mowing yard once again. Last night, my cousin Morgan who goes to Gustavus and her boyfriend Brad came down and we grilled burgers.

So, last night as we were watching the Academy of Country Music Awards, I looked at Lisa and said "this was a great weekend" and it really was the first weekend in a long, long time where we had absolutely nothing on the agenda and absolutely nothing interrupted our time together. It was great being with her because I'm gone so much...

Anyway, really not much else is new in the world of ScottnLisa...

However, with it being May Sweeps, I'd love to discuss a few of my favorite TV shows...

The Office: Great finale..The Kevin subplot was brilliant, and I can't believe the end with Dwight and Angela. I'm ready for Jim and Pam to get engaged already and pretty shocked about what happened with Ryan.

ER: My guess is Dr. Pratt was in the ambulance, however I'm usually wrong with these things. It was a great show, and the Steve Buscemi was really good on the show.

The Big Bang Theory: I'm really not into this show big time, however it's right before one of my favorite show's on TV, but tonight's show was's getting better

How I Met Your Mother: I love the way Jason Segel plays the character Marshall Eriksen. I'm also not the biggest fan of Neil Patrick Harris but he is dynamite in the show. Tonight's season finale was good...I highly recommend catching the the season this summer when it's re-running on CBS...And I never saw that ending coming

Final note: The Mavericks of Minnesota State won the 2008 NCC Cup...May not sound like a big deal but it's the fourth straight year that we have won the award (our men won the men's title for the fourth time as well and the women won the women's title for the first time since 1996). This is truly an honor that the entire athletic department should be proud of as it measures the success of all your sports not just one. Nationally we rank second in the Director's Cup race (which measures basically the same thing, just on a nation-wide scale) which would be our highest finish in school history.

I'm a little biased, but I do believe that MSU athletics is still an underrated commodity in this area. It's cheap, exciting entertainment and the way that this season has gone, if you go to a game, there's a better than 70% chance that you'll see the home team win. Seriously, if anyone would ever want tickets next season, let me know, I'd love to get you to a game.

So there you have it, you're probably bored out of your mind, but thanks for reading...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Back...

Rumour has it that people have missed my witty and smart alecky posts...(Pause while i pat myself on the back).

I just got back from a road trip that put me at our house for just one day over the last nine. I spent the first three days (May 2-4) of the trip in Duluth with the softball team and was there until Sunday...Then I got home at midnight, went to work, then had a date with my fiance before grabbing a plane and flying to Kansas City for a softball tournament from Tuesday-Saturday. It was a double elimination tournament so we got rained out on wednesday, lost thursday won two games friday, won one game saturday and then lost our last game saturday. We made it to the airport by a mere seven minutes before our seven o'clock flight saturday and made it home around 11 o'clock last night... hotels, and eating out every day gets old and living in Emporia for four nights and five days isn't that great.

But i loved getting home last night... Lisa was awake when i got home and its never felt so good to get hugged! We slept in today and then went back to Gaylord to celebrate mothers day and robyns birthday at the Prairie House. Then we were home for an hour and drove to Fairmont to have supper for with my grandma, uncle, mom, dad and brother...165 miles on the car today, but it was worth it.

Anyway, sorry for the rather boring post... happy mothers day everyone you are appreciated.

Scott n Lisa