Friday, July 10, 2009


Greetings All-

It's been a while since I have posted an update that didn't involve a video or a tribute to our brothers to the North, so here it goes.

Yes, the photo above was taken my office. Slow day in Taylor Center 175, but I have my buddy Eddie with. PA is at his son's baseball tournament and it was going to be quiet in here so he came with me, at lease he listens to my jokes.

Life is good, but it is hard to believe that summer is already over. I consider the 4th of July the official end of summer because in 39 days (or roughly 930 hours) the football season kicks off. I actually did do some work today, as I have printed the rough draft of the media guide and am now ready for a round of edits next week.k

We had a good, but quick fourth. My 10 year class reunion was on the fourth (an Armstrong-Ringsted tradition) and it was good to get together and see a bunch of people I haven't seen for a while and Lisa got to meet a bunch of people that she's heard me talk about, but never met before so it was good.

I graduated with 52 people and we had about 22 or 23 show up so it was nice to see people and catch up... here is what the Class of 99 looks like (those who were there), 10 years later.

Saturday night, Jamie (Hunecke) Burdorf and her husband (Aaron) and kids (Jenna and Brody) stayed at my parents place with us Saturday night so it was good to see them.

Sunday morning, I got up for Breakfast at Wimbledon and wasn't disappointed. The only thing that sucked was I had to leave half way through the match and remarkably, my dad got hooked on the match (this, is a good thing) and was calling me asking me questions and keeping me updated. It's funny, I wasn't a big tennis guy until I went to work at Drake, but I love it now. Roddick played well, but am really excited that Federer broke Sampras' record and is now the GOAT (

greatest of all-time).

This past week has been nothing unusual, wake-up, walk eddie-go to work - work out at noon - walk eddie at noon- work - go home eat supper - do dishes - lisa walks eddie - rinse, lather and repeat. But we do have a nice little weekend planned. Tonight I'm meeting a buddy and going to grill and go to fun days while lisa runs some shopping errands. Tomorrow's Lisa's cousin is getting married and then Sunday I usher in church and then gotta mow the yard. Other than that, not much else is planned.

Going to leave you with a couple of things...first, this photo was posted on a friend's facebook status...For those who love the office, they will appreciate it.

And i can't get this song out of my head... (it's not the actual video but you should get the point)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy (Belated) Canada Day

Note: I tried to post this last night, but the link wouldn't work...

I would like to wish a happy (belated) Canada day to all of our friends to the north... Now I love the good ole US-of-A as much as the next person, but the Canadian pride, especially when it comes to their sports team is something unlike anything else. Where in the USA would EVER find this happen at a sporting event..

So I hope all of you Canadians out there a nursing a good Labatt, Molson or Kokanee hangover from last night. I suggest a Coffee Crisp or some Smartee's (for my American friends, these are not the flavored sugar tablets found in clear wrapping) and have some poutine for lunch.

Until next time-

SnL (this message has not been approved by L)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kinda Boring Really

Not much new at 505 West 8th Street...Eddie is doing great, we have upgraded him from crate, to basement to full access to the house while we are gone and he does well...He jumped on the couch a couple of times so Lisa has put three folding chairs in front of the couch while we are gone and it has cured the problem.  He is a great dog.

We took him to the dog park last week and he had a blast, i'm sure we will try to get there once or twice this week, it's good for him to interact with other dogs.

Last weekend was a good - but quick one.  We met some friends Friday night for supper before seeing hangover (great laughs, great movie).  Afterwards, we (mainly I, Lisa that a verb? if not, I just made it one) came home and watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  I was really proud of myself as I didn't check the score or my phone once during the entire movie and watched the game without knowing who won.

Saturday, we woke up and did our usual Saturday tradition, which is brunch at the Hub. After brunch, we met Mandy and Justin  at the dog park with their dog Bear.  The two had a good time playing together.  Afterwards, I came home and mowed while Lisa did some work around the yard.  We then had to hurry and get ready as we had a wedding reception on the Mississippi River for my friend, and fellow SID Josh Deer and his bride, Stef.  They got married in Mexico back in January (thanks to the scheduling gods) and the reception was this weekend.  It was a blast.  Good food, good friends and a great time.

Sunday we had every intention on getting up and going to church but opted to stay home and clean up after our buddy Eddy.  Love the dog, but he sheds like it's his job.  So after vacuuming, sweeping, dusting and other odds and ends had a nice clean house.  We went and grabbed some groceries and came home only to unpack and then take Eddie to the park.

Around noon on Sunday, Curt (lisa's pop called) to see what he was doing. During the conversation, the words "Drive-Inn" came out of his mouth and we were sold so we went home and had supper with the Kahle's at the Drive-Inn in Winthrop...A summer classic.

Curt "What's everybody ordering"
Lisa "I'm ordering something different, I always get the California Burger, I just don't know what I want."
wait five minutes.
Waitress: "What do you guys want to order."
Lisa: "California Burger."

We took Eddie with and he got to meet Wally (all we are missing is The Beav) and they got along, wrestled stayed apart, got along wrestled, etc. etc.  Eddie has some issues with male dogs, but he is getting better.

So that's it... Not a whole lot new in our world.  We'll be going to Gaylord for Father's Day Eve before heading to Ringsted for Father's Day on Sunday.

One more note...My boss, PA, has been named to CoSIDA Hall of Fame.  You can find the press release here... Awesome  honour (spelled like the Canadians do) for an awesome guy.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Week one in the books

Well week one with Eddie (aka: Edward and 'Dawrdo) is in the books and we are learning more and more about our little buddy each day.
1)  He is a great dog.  I know most people say they have a great dog, but he really is a great dog.  Doesn't jump (he will climb on you and stay, but he won't jump up and down on you) 
2)  He poops and pees on walks only, which kinda sucks when it's raining but is nice that I don't have to clean up yard bombs
3)  He is house trained, no accidents as of yet (knock on wood)
4)  He stays off the furniture
5)  He sleeps through the night.  

All that said, I'm sure I have probably jinxed tonight but we will see.  He gets to meet Curt and Julie tonight, so that should be fun...The little guy doesn't shy away from attention too much.

We took him to the vet today and he got a clean bill of health...Was told he could lose a few pounds, but then again, so could I, so our walks should be beneficial to both of us.

Life around here has been good.  I worked the Minnesota State High School Softball Tournament last weekend and he had great weather (never got warmer than like 78).  Saturday and Sunday were kind of low key due to the nearly three inches of rain we got in the Greater Mankato Area, but that is fine, we needed it, and the farmers need it even more.

Other than that, life has been good...I start volunteering at the Miracle League field tomorrow night here in town, so I am really excited for that, it should be a blast.  

Last night I caught one of my favorite tv shows (Ice Road Truckers, this season is going to be intense) and then watched a new show called Whale Wars (i think) about stopping whaling on animal planet...Looks like there is another show to add to the mix.

That should about do it... Until next time-


Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet Our New Addition

For the longest time I have wanted a dog to which Lisa would reply no... Well a couple of weeks ago, Lisa heard from a co-worker that the humane society in New Ulm had Goldendoodles (nonshedding dogs) for $75 bucks.  

That got her excited about the idea of a dog.  So she called me, I of course said yes and we put the call into New Ulm, however they were out of the puppies already :(

So, for the past two weeks or so, Lisa has been looking up dogs on the net, trying to find one.  Can't find a Goldendoodle for under $600 bucks so they were a no-go.  

Last Saturday when we were at Lisa's cousin's house, he had three terriers, one of was a terrier/beagle mix (i've always wanted a beagle.).  So Lisa found one in Hastings at a Rescue Shelter and we went up today to get our new buddy, Eddie.

Eddie is doing great so far...Went for a walk, has been searching the house and just trying to get acclimated to the new surroundings.  

We love the pup, just wish we could have had a little more honesty from the gal we got him from.  She told us that Eddie didn't shed much and that he was shedding now to get rid of his winter coat.  We got home and gave him a bath and got a lot of hair off him and hopefully it's gone (or close too it).  Nonetheless, we think we will have a happy, happy relationship with him.  He is great on the leash, haven't heard him bark, and is just a mellow dog, which is a bonus since he's 18 months old.  

So now it's time for me to jump in the shower so Lisa and I can watch Jon and Kate + 8...Damn show got me addicted.

That's it for now :)


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Weekend

It's been a great birthday weekend so far...

Friday night after we watched Big, I called Curt, my father-in-law, to ask him if he wanted to come help me put my grill together...

Thankfully he obliged... if i had tried to tackle this task by myself I'm guessing Lisa and I would have gotten into a fight and then I would have put the grill together wrong and it wouldn't work right....

So, Curt and Jules got here Saturday morning and we went to the Hub for breakfast.  This is our (mine and Lisa's) usual tradition every Saturday morning and it was nice to include them.  Once we got back to the house, Julie and Lisa went shopping and Curt and I -  check that, Curt, put together the grill.  I helped, but I basically made sure to stay out of the way...When that guy gets going on a project he is locked in!

After the grill was put together, I took Curt and gave him a drive-by tour of MSU.  We then met the ladies at Menards and Lisa and I came home.

Last week, Lisa had asked me what I wanted to do for my Birthday.  I told her I want to go to the Drive-In in Winthrop for supper.  We went back to Gaylor and Curt, Jules, Lisa and I went to the drive in and it was great.  Afterwards, we went stopped by Curt's Cousin's house, to get some asparagus and then went to Curt and Julie's and played a game of Rummy which lasted for an hour and half...Good times, i got second and Curt won.  When we came home, I marinated our chicken for lunch and then hit the hay.

Today we got up and went to church and then came home and fired up the grill.  Grilled asparagus and chicken and lisa made some rice...It was great!  Fresh strawberries for desert here shortly, an guy couldn't ask for much more.

Closed-Circuit To Jamie...I know I said I would never get a gas grill but I have become too impatient with waiting 40 minutes for the coals to get done.  I have buckled and went with speed.  I did keep the charcoal grill and I am guessing that it will be used every now and then.

This afternoon we are going to run a couple of errands before meeting my folks and Bryon and Brooke in Fairmont at the Channel for supper... Couldn't think of a better way to wrap-up the weekend.

Enjoy yours... I'm going outside, it's way too nice to be indoors.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Blast from the Past...


The weekend is off to a great start...Didn't have to go into the office today because our carpets were getting cleaned so I had the day off... Did a few things around the house and once Lisa came home, we went to Menards and got me a new gas grill with my birthday money...Now I have to put it together.  After some Buffalo Wild Wings, we came home, at 7 on a Friday night.

Sounds really exciting eh?

But the more exciting part would be that we are watching Big.  That's right, the 1988 movie with Tom Hanks...One of my favorites...Classic memory from seeing the original movie with my and dad had to cover our eyes during the make-out scene because there was a bra showing...ha.

Anyway, i posted the piano sceen.  

Enjoy your weekend!

Update-  Just saw a pogoball...I used to have one of those, but I don't think they were made for the gravel.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's missing here...

Heard on Dan Barreiro's show tonight at 5 for the "Top-5 at Five" The #1 thing at 5 o'clock mentions that the 55-doughnut game between Iowa and Minnesota last November is not mentioned in the sesason results... As Michael Rand of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports here there is mention of the game in at least three other spots.  Rand goes on to talk about the rivalry between the two schools and how it's not as strong as it is between say Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I really enjoy Rand's blog and can't wait to see him next week at the Minnesota State Softball tourney where we will most likely discuss this topic, among many other.

I couldn't disagree more...Sure Iowa and Iowa State is a big rivalry but the Iowa/Minnesota game... We are talking about the battle for the Pig and it doesn't get much bigger than that!  I keep going back to 2003 when Iowa tore down the goal posts after the win against Minnesota

But maybe I'm wrong... Iowa has won 7 of the last 8 meetings in the series and maybe that's why the rivalry isn't as hot as it used to be... Maybe it's the fact that the Gopher fans are sell out and sell tickets to Iowa fans for the game, giving the Metrodome (and I'm guessing TCF Bank Stadium) the name Kinnick North.  

Anyway, for Coach Brewster in case he forgot the game, here are the highlights: last thing when you go to Brewster's website, and click Multimedia you will see that you can't click on the highlights for the Iowa game...Must have forgotten to throw that link up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

We are alive, i promise...

Hey all- We are alive, feel bad that it's been so long. It's not that we have had a super crazy past two months or anything, i just didn't feel like I had all that much to talk about. So here we go, some one-timers for you on what's been going on in the world of SnL.

- Had a great Memorial Day weekend this weekend. Got off work Friday at noon and came home and mowed while Lisa worked around the house. Friday night we had supper at Big Dog's in Upper North (better than expected) and then had some friends over and had a bonfire Friday night.

- Saturday, we slept till 9 (it's been a long time since we have done that) and got up and did our normal Saturday morning tradition of going to the Hub for breakfast. After breakfast we picked something up for my mom, ran to the farmers market and got some rhubarb & strawberry jam and some rhubarb. We then jumped in the car and drove over to Nicollet to Schmidts Meat Market. The place was way crazier than I expected...Tons of meat options and I could have spent A LOT of money there. We picked up two packages of Philly cheese steak brats and a package of pineapple brats (heard about them the night before and got they got rave reviews, so we got them). After a stop at a friends house we were back in 'kato to get groceries.

- I grilled a package of the philly cheesesteak brats (amazing) and hotdogs (refuse to eat them...they were for Lisa's sister Robyn who joined us for supper and a movie) and made supper before before heading to see Night at the Museum 2. Good movie, not the first one, but good enough indeed. My favorite part might have been the six year old girl behind us that said "Is that the guy from Marly and Me" when owen wilson came on the screen. After the movie we came back to the house and I dominated a game of Rummy (which never happens). After we did dishes and Robyn left, I turned on Saturday Night Live and we went to bed.

- I am convinced this will be the summer of grilling... I think we've done it like six of the last seven days and I hope to continue the trend.

- One quick sidenote... I've always been a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, as has Lisa, but this season was one of the best ever... One of my favorite sketches (which was one Saturday) is this one.

- Sunday we woke up, watched some Jon and Kate + 8 and then packed and headed to Ringsted. Back home we did the tour of grandparents before coming home for pork patties on the grill. After supper we went out to see Jerry and Roxanne's new house and a couple of cold ones. Afterwards back in the house to watch the Twins finish the weekend sweep of the Brewers and hit the hay... Today, I helped Bryon and Brooke move upstairs and dad grilled before we headed back to 'kato.

- Now watching the rest of last season's Jon & Kate + 8 (we are 1:08 away from the much anticipated new season). I like the show, Kate drives me crazy, but i kinda feel bad for the kids with all the stuff going on right now with the family. Hopefully they can figure it out.

- Sports are done for the year and we will await to see where we finish in the Director's cup. I am thinking we'll be in the top four or five nationally, which again will be awesome. Our women's track team had a great showing at the outdoor championships last weekend, with Katelin Rains, our senior pole vaulter, claiming her fourth career pole vaulting title (and first ever outdoor).

- The better half has been hammering away at work and complains more and more about going as each day gets nicer. I don't disagree with her, it's tough to be cooped up in an office when it is really nice out.

- Last weekend we planted a bunch of flowers and they are starting to take. We also planted a green pepper which we hope will bear plenty of fruit for us this summer.

- I hate to admit it, but I've really gotten into birding over the last 18 months. We have two feeders out (our finch haven't been by lately). Our other feeder has had a few cardinals this summer which really has been exciting, but the stupid blackbirds have been eating too much out of there lately so i gotta get a different type of feed.

- Lisa just baked a Rhubarb cake, so I'm anxious to see how it tastes.

- That is really about all that's been new with us lately. I really hope that I can start doing a better with updating the blog.

hope everyone is doing well. Thanks to our service men and women for all you do, have done and will do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're going to the Ship

Minnesota State's women's basketball team is playing for the Division II National Championship Friday at 7 p.m. on ESPN2.... Tune in

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey-There, Hi-There, Ho-There

Sorry, had to get my Ned Flanders out of my system (why, I don't know, I haven't watched the Simpsons for forever, but i digress).

Anyway, its been a bit crazy around here lately, as I have done before, I'll shoot some bullet points to highlight the last month (I'm sorry to my loyal followers for not "keeping up" as much as I should).

- Sitting here watching Biggest Loser (of BL as the better half calls it) and I can't believe that I'm sucked into it as much as I have. It's pretty addicting, at least if I am going to watch reality shows, I just as well watch one where people changes their lives in a positive manner and where I can learn something.

- Monday's and Thursday's are becoming a huge night for TV for me (and us). Monday's on CBS is one of my favorite (Big Bang - my favorite Monday sitcom, How I Met Your Mother and 2 1/2 Men). But now 24 is on, Lisa wanted no part of the show, but I got her sucked in. Jack Bauer is a bad ass, and I'm pretty convinced he could destroy Chuck Norris. Thursday is just as good. Just as I got Lisa sucked into 24, she got me re-sucked into Grey's. So we have Grey's, The Office and 30 Rock (my new favorite show) on top of the last season of ER (I am really going to miss that show). I know, those with kids say "Good luck watching TV once you have kids," and you are right, but I guess that's what the DVR is for.

- Congrats to my brother and Brooke (his wife) and our friends Mandy and Justin and Joe and Grace. I can't remember if I said I am going to be an uncle (and I guess that would make Lisa and aunt) and I'm pretty excited about it. Also, we are very excited for Mandy and JR, who have really been working at having a kid for the last couple of years (not that Justin's complaining I'm sure). We are equally excited for Joe and Grace...That's awesome... now send some of the water you are drinking our way :)

- It's officially cross-over season at work. For those not down with the profession of Athletic Communications, crossover occurs when your winter sports (in our case, M&W hoops, M&W hockey, M&W swimming and diving, M&W indoor track and field and wrestling) are winding down and our spring sports (M&W tennis, baseball, softball, M&W golf) start kicking off. Not that I'm complaining right now, but I have men's basketball getting ready for the league tourney and national tourney, and M&W swimming and diving getting ready for nationals, while softball is getting ready to go to Florida for its spring trip. I told Lisa that if we can get through these next two weekends we should be home free, so just bear with me sweetie!

- Our men's basketball team has been riding a bit of a roller coaster over the past month. We look good, we look bad, but we played well last week against Mary and now we are getting ready for the league tourney. I enjoy our draw that we got for the first round, home against Duluth, which beat us earlier. If we can play our game...

- Our women's team was number one for the second consecutive week. They host Concordia in the first round of the tourney and if they win that, they host the semifinals and finals of the league tournament. They are also in the running to host the Central regional tournament, which would be fun.

- Speaking of women's hoops (and this one is for Angie), how about SDSU being ranked #17 in the latest AP poll...How bout the 'Jacks being two spots higher than Tennessee? That's awesome, such a great program. It'll be interesting how long Aaron Johnston keeps his residence in Brookings. They will be in the tourney this year and I'm guessing they will win a game (or two).

- Our wrestling team is sending all 10 wrestlers to national for the second straight year. Last year we lost by 0.5 points. Hopefully the 'boys can get some revenge. Our women's hockey team also set school history winning a playoff series and now will play Minnesota in the "Final Face off". This is a first-ever in school history, which is awesome.

- Other that, not a whole heck of a lot new in our world. Last week, Lisa and I went to Sioux Falls for a night (we played at Augie, funny how i can take a work trip and turn it into a romantic get away isn't it) and had a blast. We both really enjoy the Sioux Empire Mall and Lisa did a good job giving some of our money to them!

Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully life will slow down a bit and I will start blogging more.

Until then-


by the way, rocco was just on "BL" and said that sweet potatoes were the most healthy veggie... I don't know if that is enough to change my mind.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Yesterday would have been Johnny Cash's 77th birthday...

here is possibly one of the best videos ever...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


It's not that i condone smoking weed, but give Phelps a break...Seth Meyers put it best on SNL last week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Ramblings...

It's been a while, not a lot to fill you in but some.

1) Our women's basketball team saw its 17-game winning streak snapped in an overtime thriller last Saturday night to Augustana. Tough loss, but it was a great game for a fan. Jo Noreen, our senior guard, poured in 39 points in the loss, including 15-of-15 from the free-throw line.

2) After splitting the past two weekends on the men's side the Mavericks swept their two games this past weekends and are now a half game out of first. Hopefully the cold temp's in Bemidji and Duluth don't slow MSU down this weekend.

3) My sister-in-law (Lisa's sister) scored her 1,000th collegiate point Saturday for Bethany in a tough loss. Luckily, the game was in the afternoon so I got to see it before I went to work that night. Kinda crazy fact: there are currently four women's college players in Mankato who have scored a 1,000 points in their career (two at MSU, two at Bethany) and MSU will most likely add one more in about four games.

4) Lisa and I are going to be an aunt/uncle. My brother (Bryon) and his wife (Brooke) are due in August so that's supper exciting.

5) This post bullet point is most likely only going to be enjoyed by Aaron, but I believe it's hilarious and he's a fan of college hockey (it's kinda addicting). So bird, this one is for you from last weekend's Denver at North Dakota game.

6) Big debate in the office today at work over all-time greatest sports movies (the school newspaper left off Slapshot).
So, with that being said, here is my top-five. 1) Field of Dreams (although Shoeless Joe Jackson batted the wrong way), 2) Bull Durham 3)Remember the Titans 4) Slapshot and 5) The Natural. I need to see raging bull because I've been told it'd jump into my top five, if not top three within one viewing.

7) Lisa and I went to see Gran Tornio last week. All I can say is it was a great movie and is highly recommended (can't believe that it didn't get an Oscar nomination for best movie/best director/best actor) but still has to be one of the best movies I've seen in the last five years (Trailer below)

8) A four-game road trip awaits me this weekend. As mentioned earlier I go to Bemidji and Duluth this weekend before going to Crookston and Moorhead next. I'll be nice to get these two weekends over.

9) Mom is doing great after her surgery. She got had surgery (gallbladder removed, appendix removed, full hysterectomy on Monday and got home Wednesday afternoon. I've been getting daily reports from home and she's getting stronger each day and it sounds like she's getting more and more comfortable. She will have another couple of weeks off but it's long over due.

10) I can't believe the Twins were as inactive as they were this winter. Pitchers/Catchers report in a couple of weeks and the Twins did nothing to get a third-baseman or another starter. They are talking about bringing in Eric Gagne as a set-up man for Nathan and I believe that is a huge mistake. The guy lost it when he left the Dodgers. I don't know how the Twins haven't jumped on Joe Crede yet to play third base. I've seen where people think that Cuddyer should move back to third but I am not a fan of that. I would trade Delmond Young (not going to get what you gave up for him, but you lose a supposed clubhouse cancer) and move span to left and keep Cuddy in right. Hopefully the injury bug doesn't bite Cuddy next year (the accident that sidelined him towards the end of the year - being hit by a line drive- was rather freak). Young can't play defense and although he has flashes at the plate he just doesn't do it for me.

11) I love facebook. I am slightly addicted but the best part of it now is all the older people that are starting to join. I've become "friends" with some of my college profs from Peru as well as people I have met along the way. It's not for kids anymore.

That is it for now, sorry for the delay. Take care and Jamie, make sure Aaron watches that video.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're Alive

Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately.

Not much as been new with the Nelsen household. We had a good Christmas and it was great to see family. Unfortunately on Christmas night, Lisa came down with the flu and was sidelined for about five days (including two nights on the couch) so it kinda stunk that she was under the weather as much as she was.

I got some great books for Christmas and I've already finished one. Big Russ and Me, which was written by Tim Russert. It was a good read and he has another book out there that I want to read. I'm about to start a Tiger Woods book and Tony Dungy's book.  I don't know if I made it an official New Year's resolution to read more, but I guess I am trying too.

Work is about to get back in the regular mix again.  Students are back next week (for 17 more weeks) and all of our winter sports teams are back in full force and our spring teams have begun practice or are about to.  Hopefully basketball keeps me nice and busy for the next couple of months (that would mean they are winning).  

Totally random thought for ya'll.  Last night, at Anytime, I jumped on a treadmill that I thought was tuned to NBC... It wasn't and because I was I had already started I didn't want to get off my machine and go change the channel and risk losing it...I digress... Anyway, it was on A&E and evidently the fine folks at A&E (which time to time has decent programing) decided that it would be a good idea to air a show called Parking Wars.  Anyway, seriously (in the immortal words of aaron burdorf) this is what reality tv is coming too?  parking wars?  talk about brutal (aaron, once again).  Looking back on in I should have risked switching the channel... Lucky for me, my ipod is working (i disconnected it too soon yesterday and it didn't sync properly and then it was on the fritz last night) and I don't have to worry about watching tv when i got work out tonight.

Anyway, enough with my random topics...Good luck to the Hawks tonight against the Gophers.