Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kinda Boring Really

Not much new at 505 West 8th Street...Eddie is doing great, we have upgraded him from crate, to basement to full access to the house while we are gone and he does well...He jumped on the couch a couple of times so Lisa has put three folding chairs in front of the couch while we are gone and it has cured the problem.  He is a great dog.

We took him to the dog park last week and he had a blast, i'm sure we will try to get there once or twice this week, it's good for him to interact with other dogs.

Last weekend was a good - but quick one.  We met some friends Friday night for supper before seeing hangover (great laughs, great movie).  Afterwards, we (mainly I, Lisa that a verb? if not, I just made it one) came home and watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  I was really proud of myself as I didn't check the score or my phone once during the entire movie and watched the game without knowing who won.

Saturday, we woke up and did our usual Saturday tradition, which is brunch at the Hub. After brunch, we met Mandy and Justin  at the dog park with their dog Bear.  The two had a good time playing together.  Afterwards, I came home and mowed while Lisa did some work around the yard.  We then had to hurry and get ready as we had a wedding reception on the Mississippi River for my friend, and fellow SID Josh Deer and his bride, Stef.  They got married in Mexico back in January (thanks to the scheduling gods) and the reception was this weekend.  It was a blast.  Good food, good friends and a great time.

Sunday we had every intention on getting up and going to church but opted to stay home and clean up after our buddy Eddy.  Love the dog, but he sheds like it's his job.  So after vacuuming, sweeping, dusting and other odds and ends had a nice clean house.  We went and grabbed some groceries and came home only to unpack and then take Eddie to the park.

Around noon on Sunday, Curt (lisa's pop called) to see what he was doing. During the conversation, the words "Drive-Inn" came out of his mouth and we were sold so we went home and had supper with the Kahle's at the Drive-Inn in Winthrop...A summer classic.

Curt "What's everybody ordering"
Lisa "I'm ordering something different, I always get the California Burger, I just don't know what I want."
wait five minutes.
Waitress: "What do you guys want to order."
Lisa: "California Burger."

We took Eddie with and he got to meet Wally (all we are missing is The Beav) and they got along, wrestled stayed apart, got along wrestled, etc. etc.  Eddie has some issues with male dogs, but he is getting better.

So that's it... Not a whole lot new in our world.  We'll be going to Gaylord for Father's Day Eve before heading to Ringsted for Father's Day on Sunday.

One more note...My boss, PA, has been named to CoSIDA Hall of Fame.  You can find the press release here... Awesome  honour (spelled like the Canadians do) for an awesome guy.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Week one in the books

Well week one with Eddie (aka: Edward and 'Dawrdo) is in the books and we are learning more and more about our little buddy each day.
1)  He is a great dog.  I know most people say they have a great dog, but he really is a great dog.  Doesn't jump (he will climb on you and stay, but he won't jump up and down on you) 
2)  He poops and pees on walks only, which kinda sucks when it's raining but is nice that I don't have to clean up yard bombs
3)  He is house trained, no accidents as of yet (knock on wood)
4)  He stays off the furniture
5)  He sleeps through the night.  

All that said, I'm sure I have probably jinxed tonight but we will see.  He gets to meet Curt and Julie tonight, so that should be fun...The little guy doesn't shy away from attention too much.

We took him to the vet today and he got a clean bill of health...Was told he could lose a few pounds, but then again, so could I, so our walks should be beneficial to both of us.

Life around here has been good.  I worked the Minnesota State High School Softball Tournament last weekend and he had great weather (never got warmer than like 78).  Saturday and Sunday were kind of low key due to the nearly three inches of rain we got in the Greater Mankato Area, but that is fine, we needed it, and the farmers need it even more.

Other than that, life has been good...I start volunteering at the Miracle League field tomorrow night here in town, so I am really excited for that, it should be a blast.  

Last night I caught one of my favorite tv shows (Ice Road Truckers, this season is going to be intense) and then watched a new show called Whale Wars (i think) about stopping whaling on animal planet...Looks like there is another show to add to the mix.

That should about do it... Until next time-


Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet Our New Addition

For the longest time I have wanted a dog to which Lisa would reply no... Well a couple of weeks ago, Lisa heard from a co-worker that the humane society in New Ulm had Goldendoodles (nonshedding dogs) for $75 bucks.  

That got her excited about the idea of a dog.  So she called me, I of course said yes and we put the call into New Ulm, however they were out of the puppies already :(

So, for the past two weeks or so, Lisa has been looking up dogs on the net, trying to find one.  Can't find a Goldendoodle for under $600 bucks so they were a no-go.  

Last Saturday when we were at Lisa's cousin's house, he had three terriers, one of was a terrier/beagle mix (i've always wanted a beagle.).  So Lisa found one in Hastings at a Rescue Shelter and we went up today to get our new buddy, Eddie.

Eddie is doing great so far...Went for a walk, has been searching the house and just trying to get acclimated to the new surroundings.  

We love the pup, just wish we could have had a little more honesty from the gal we got him from.  She told us that Eddie didn't shed much and that he was shedding now to get rid of his winter coat.  We got home and gave him a bath and got a lot of hair off him and hopefully it's gone (or close too it).  Nonetheless, we think we will have a happy, happy relationship with him.  He is great on the leash, haven't heard him bark, and is just a mellow dog, which is a bonus since he's 18 months old.  

So now it's time for me to jump in the shower so Lisa and I can watch Jon and Kate + 8...Damn show got me addicted.

That's it for now :)