Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Ramblings...

It's been a while, not a lot to fill you in but some.

1) Our women's basketball team saw its 17-game winning streak snapped in an overtime thriller last Saturday night to Augustana. Tough loss, but it was a great game for a fan. Jo Noreen, our senior guard, poured in 39 points in the loss, including 15-of-15 from the free-throw line.

2) After splitting the past two weekends on the men's side the Mavericks swept their two games this past weekends and are now a half game out of first. Hopefully the cold temp's in Bemidji and Duluth don't slow MSU down this weekend.

3) My sister-in-law (Lisa's sister) scored her 1,000th collegiate point Saturday for Bethany in a tough loss. Luckily, the game was in the afternoon so I got to see it before I went to work that night. Kinda crazy fact: there are currently four women's college players in Mankato who have scored a 1,000 points in their career (two at MSU, two at Bethany) and MSU will most likely add one more in about four games.

4) Lisa and I are going to be an aunt/uncle. My brother (Bryon) and his wife (Brooke) are due in August so that's supper exciting.

5) This post bullet point is most likely only going to be enjoyed by Aaron, but I believe it's hilarious and he's a fan of college hockey (it's kinda addicting). So bird, this one is for you from last weekend's Denver at North Dakota game.

6) Big debate in the office today at work over all-time greatest sports movies (the school newspaper left off Slapshot).
So, with that being said, here is my top-five. 1) Field of Dreams (although Shoeless Joe Jackson batted the wrong way), 2) Bull Durham 3)Remember the Titans 4) Slapshot and 5) The Natural. I need to see raging bull because I've been told it'd jump into my top five, if not top three within one viewing.

7) Lisa and I went to see Gran Tornio last week. All I can say is it was a great movie and is highly recommended (can't believe that it didn't get an Oscar nomination for best movie/best director/best actor) but still has to be one of the best movies I've seen in the last five years (Trailer below)

8) A four-game road trip awaits me this weekend. As mentioned earlier I go to Bemidji and Duluth this weekend before going to Crookston and Moorhead next. I'll be nice to get these two weekends over.

9) Mom is doing great after her surgery. She got had surgery (gallbladder removed, appendix removed, full hysterectomy on Monday and got home Wednesday afternoon. I've been getting daily reports from home and she's getting stronger each day and it sounds like she's getting more and more comfortable. She will have another couple of weeks off but it's long over due.

10) I can't believe the Twins were as inactive as they were this winter. Pitchers/Catchers report in a couple of weeks and the Twins did nothing to get a third-baseman or another starter. They are talking about bringing in Eric Gagne as a set-up man for Nathan and I believe that is a huge mistake. The guy lost it when he left the Dodgers. I don't know how the Twins haven't jumped on Joe Crede yet to play third base. I've seen where people think that Cuddyer should move back to third but I am not a fan of that. I would trade Delmond Young (not going to get what you gave up for him, but you lose a supposed clubhouse cancer) and move span to left and keep Cuddy in right. Hopefully the injury bug doesn't bite Cuddy next year (the accident that sidelined him towards the end of the year - being hit by a line drive- was rather freak). Young can't play defense and although he has flashes at the plate he just doesn't do it for me.

11) I love facebook. I am slightly addicted but the best part of it now is all the older people that are starting to join. I've become "friends" with some of my college profs from Peru as well as people I have met along the way. It's not for kids anymore.

That is it for now, sorry for the delay. Take care and Jamie, make sure Aaron watches that video.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're Alive

Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately.

Not much as been new with the Nelsen household. We had a good Christmas and it was great to see family. Unfortunately on Christmas night, Lisa came down with the flu and was sidelined for about five days (including two nights on the couch) so it kinda stunk that she was under the weather as much as she was.

I got some great books for Christmas and I've already finished one. Big Russ and Me, which was written by Tim Russert. It was a good read and he has another book out there that I want to read. I'm about to start a Tiger Woods book and Tony Dungy's book.  I don't know if I made it an official New Year's resolution to read more, but I guess I am trying too.

Work is about to get back in the regular mix again.  Students are back next week (for 17 more weeks) and all of our winter sports teams are back in full force and our spring teams have begun practice or are about to.  Hopefully basketball keeps me nice and busy for the next couple of months (that would mean they are winning).  

Totally random thought for ya'll.  Last night, at Anytime, I jumped on a treadmill that I thought was tuned to NBC... It wasn't and because I was I had already started I didn't want to get off my machine and go change the channel and risk losing it...I digress... Anyway, it was on A&E and evidently the fine folks at A&E (which time to time has decent programing) decided that it would be a good idea to air a show called Parking Wars.  Anyway, seriously (in the immortal words of aaron burdorf) this is what reality tv is coming too?  parking wars?  talk about brutal (aaron, once again).  Looking back on in I should have risked switching the channel... Lucky for me, my ipod is working (i disconnected it too soon yesterday and it didn't sync properly and then it was on the fritz last night) and I don't have to worry about watching tv when i got work out tonight.

Anyway, enough with my random topics...Good luck to the Hawks tonight against the Gophers.